The Veli bej Turkish Bath in Budapest

Have you ever been in Veli bej Turkish Bath in Budapest? If not, do not put it off any longer. It is a great facility to relax. This small bath used to belong to one of the oldest and most beautiful Ottoman bath named Császár Bath in the city.

It was built by Sokollu Mustafa pasha in 1575. Its history was quite adventurous but finally it became the property of the Ordo Hospitalarius again in 2000. After regaining the owner status of the bath, the monks decided to renovate the buildings completely.

It is a strange sight watching the bath building because a big hospital was built up around in 1970. The renovation works were finished in 2011. The external walls remain original design and it is surrounded by a very spectacular glass roof. In our opinion medieval charm of bath is in harmony with the 21st century facilities.

veli bej kupola

The domes of Veli bej Bath are clamped between two buildings and surrounded by glass roof.

You can reach the Veli bej Bath over the hall of Budai Irgalmasrendi (Ordo Hospitalarius) Hospital. You can use special plastic bracelet not only for enter and exit but for locker.

Tickets: 2,800 HUF/day, discount tickets between Monday-Thursday: 2,240 HUF/2 hours.

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 6:00-12:00 a.m. and 3:00-9:00 p.m.

The locker room is coeducated. There are modern furnitures, neat covers, natural light and cleanliness everywhere. You can reach the bath across the shower (separated for women and men).

belső medence

It is the biggest thermal pool under the central cupola.

The bath has a huge thermal pool (36°C ) under the central cupola which is surrounded by four smaller thermal pools. They are 9-10 square meters and have different temperatures: 40, 32, 28 and 22°C. There is also a brand new wellness department with jacuzzi (for six persons), two steam chambers (for eight-eight persons with 40°C or 50°C), Finnish (for ten persons) and infra saunas (for two persons) and several massage showers next to the ice maker machine. You can also get massage at very affordable prices. You can walk to the restaurant directly.

Entering to the separated medical session, a special ticket is needed. There are a Kneipp walk pool, therapeutic swimming pool and underwater massages.

The spring is a curiosity to spout to surface so strongly that whole thermal water can exchange in every four hours. It is total hygienic and besides the water is so clear.


You can find a pleasant rest on the bright, glass-roofed corridor.

The water of the bath is beneficial in the following cases: degenerative disorders of the bones and joints, calcium deficiency in bones. It is good for recovery after operation and bad injury. You can find the thermal water composition here.

Others: Every day is coeducated. We met guests only in the age of thirties and fourties in a Friday morning. Accessibility of building is done. The thermal water does not consist of sulfur so it does not smell like rotten eggs. There is a small museum in a corridor. You can see the old pipeline and spring there. There are a couple of good restaurants, coffee and food bars in the neighbourhood.

We can offer the Veli bej Bath to you with pleasure. If you would like to look around there, you can watch this video.


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Cruise on the Lake Öreg

We sailed on the Lake Öreg with the all family in this summer. The weather was pleasant and we enjoyed the wind on the top deck of the slow pleasure-boat. The boat service starts in every two hours, you do not need any reservation. You can plan with an hour long cruise.

on the top tata lake

The lake Öreg is a typically huge fishpond, they drain off the water in the beginning of every winter. This event passes with a the famous fishing off festival.


tata lake empty

So during the year when there is nice blue water you can not swim, but you can do surf, kayak, cruise, and kite surfing also become popular.

What are the sights around the lake?

The Castle of Tata

Danka tata castel


The sporting

Danka tatai evezosok

The St. John statue

st john statue

The name of the cruiser boat is Ajtony II. It was made in 1955, really an old boat, was rebuild in 1984, so safety. The 15m long and 3,35m width boat is very popular, the power is coming from a Csepel 63 kWatt engine. Csepel Works was named Manfred Weiss Steel and Metal works when established in 1882, it was the one of the largest machine factory in Hungary. They tried to continue the tradition during the soviet decades.

ajtony tata boat

ajtony inside tata boat

If you take a tour in this area, take a cruise also. The lake and the nature view are beautiful. (Photos by me)

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Summer in Kolozsvar city

Krumpli Béla posted the exact feeling of these days. The photo was made in Kolozsvar. You can feel now the hot summer in Kolozsvar, Budapest, Brussels, anywhere.  

Krumpli Béla: kolozsvari nyar

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WADI: a green idea for drinkable water - interview with the inventor

Fill a PET-bottle with contaminated water. Leave it out in the sun. Wait a while... and the water is safe to drink.

This is not a miracle. SODIS (Solar Water Disinfection) is a natural process, in which the UV-radiation of the sun inactivates certain harmful pathogens in the water. The process only requires PET-bottles, which are filled with contaminated water and are then exposed to the sun. The duration of this disinfection process varies and depends on the sun’s UV intensity. Today, SODIS is used by around five million people worldwide. Do you think it?

Users of the SODIS method are unable to estimate the time needed for the water to be safely disinfected. Then Martin Wesian and Helioz GmbH, an Austrian social enterprise come in. Using a small solar-powered UV-measurement device called WADI (WAter DIsinfection) that is screwed onto the mouth of the PET-bottle containing water, it has helped make the whole process calculable. As soon as the water is safe to drink, a sad face on WADI turns into a smiley. That is so easy.

As SODIS method depends on favorable climate, it is recommended to use WADI anywhere between 35° north and 35° south of the equator, where, on average, annual sunshine hours are abundant. This includes the majority of the countries with people lacking access to improved drinking water sources.

Moreover, WADI is completely green. There is no batteries required and it is free from harmful and toxic substances.

It is easy to get one for 23-30 EUR: there is a webshop on the webpage of Helioz GmbH

You can read our interview below with ideas owner, Martin Wesian.

How did the idea of WADI come up?

WADI is based on a scientifically proven method called SODIS (Solar Water Disinfection), established by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich). It has been proven that there is disinfection of contaminated water filled into PET-bottles by sunrays.

I have read an article of SODIS founder Martin Wegelin in Der SPIEGEL and started to conceptualize.

What is WADI?

WADI is an easy-to-use and inexpensive UV-measurement device that is developed especially for low-income households in Africa, Asia and South America.

WADI on Bottles

WADI device on the bottle in use.                  Photo: Helioz GmbH

How does it work?

WADI measures the relevant UV-rays of the sun and indicates a smiley face as soon as the water is ready to drink. WADI guarantees a disinfection rate of at least 3-log, thus 99,9% of germs (of common coliform bacteria) - which cause waterborne diseases - have been inactivated. This has been approved by several organizations and universities all around the world.

When and how was your social company founded? What is the mission of Helioz?

Helioz GmbH has been founded in June 2010, its long term goal is to become a valuable and trusted developer and seller of our products for low-income households. Finally, the mission is to support people in low-income countries gaining basic needs like clean water but especially to give self-determination.

WADI Uganda

Photo with WADI from Uganda .                          Photo: Helioz GmbH

Which countries does Helioz collaborate with? How many WADIs are already in use all over the World?

WADIs are currently delivering potable water in Ethiopia, Philippines, Uganda, Papua New Guinea and some more. Helioz’ distribution partners are covering more than 40 countries worldwide.

You have received several awards from the beginning. What is the most significant for you?

That’s a question hardly to answer. Each of them brought high recognition and self-confidence to be on the right path and especially, a lot of valuable contacts. Most of our distribution partners asked us to be allowed selling WADI.

(Their latest recognition was taken in Madrid in October 2014. Helioz was among the finalists of the 3rd Social Innovation Tournament organized by European Investment Bank Institute. Besides, they have Sustainable Future Award (Vienna, 2013), Social Investment Pioneer Award in Social Business Category (Colombia, 2013), Water Innovations Award, in Category of Best Ethical or Humanitarian Initiative (Rio de Janeiro, 2011) and so on.)

MartinWesian Helioz

Martin Wesian, the inventor and founder of Helioz GmbH.                 Photo: Helioz GmbH

What is your idea about the future of WADI and Helioz?

Actually, WADI should be an interim solution allowing people to take their lifes in their own hands. Clean piped water is the final solution we are aiming at … but this will take a long time.

There will be a charity concert in Vienna for a WADI project in Uganda on 17th April 2015. What does it mean for Helioz?

These kind of charity events are very important for us to give Europeans a different view of the needs of people in respective countries. They don´t like being poor and they are willing and able to change this situation as soon as we give them a chance and the possibility to act self-determined.

Named charity event is for the Batwa Pygmies in Uganda, one of the eldest folk living in Africa. The mortality rate of children under five is more than 50%, mainly caused by waterborne diseases. We could change a lot with little money.


For futher information of WADI please click here.


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