The River Danube became a huge bathtub in Budapest

The charity rubber duck race was organized for the second time in Budapest on 30 August 2015. There were thousands of rubber duck swimming in the River Danube after London, Singapore, Ohio and Colorado.

It means that you can buy a small yellow rubber duck for race and support the mission of local UNICEF (in Hungary): food, clear drinking water, vaccination, education and defense for children.

The event was held by the banks of the river between Lánchíd (Chain bridge) and Erzsébet híd (Elizabeth bridge) in the 1st district of Budapest. After the race there were some free concerts in Várkert Bazár (Castle Garden Bazaar) for visitors.

Here are some photos of the event.

kacsafutam indulas

Ready, set, fire, START

kacsafutam celegyenesben

Finish line

kacsafutam w kacsa2

Duck of wizesblog in the race

kacsafutam bazar

The VIP section in the terrace of Várkert Bazár (Castle Garden Bazaar)

kacsafutam helyszin

The inner courtyard of Várkert Bazár: place for concerts

kacsafutam kacsa 

Snapshot in the heat

kacsafutam kacsa2

A little girl's duck

kacsafutam plakat

The mission of UNICEF Hungary - Together for the children!

kacsafutam koncert

Concert of Anna and the Barbies

kacsafutam koncert2

The end of the concert of Anna and the Barbies

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Cruise on the Lake Öreg

We sailed on the Lake Öreg with the all family in this summer. The weather was pleasant and we enjoyed the wind on the top deck of the slow pleasure-boat. The boat service starts in every two hours, you do not need any reservation. You can plan with an hour long cruise.

on the top tata lake

The lake Öreg is a typically huge fishpond, they drain off the water in the beginning of every winter. This event passes with a the famous fishing off festival.


tata lake empty

So during the year when there is nice blue water you can not swim, but you can do surf, kayak, cruise, and kite surfing also become popular.

What are the sights around the lake?

The Castle of Tata

Danka tata castel


The sporting

Danka tatai evezosok

The St. John statue

st john statue

The name of the cruiser boat is Ajtony II. It was made in 1955, really an old boat, was rebuild in 1984, so safety. The 15m long and 3,35m width boat is very popular, the power is coming from a Csepel 63 kWatt engine. Csepel Works was named Manfred Weiss Steel and Metal works when established in 1882, it was the one of the largest machine factory in Hungary. They tried to continue the tradition during the soviet decades.

ajtony tata boat

ajtony inside tata boat

If you take a tour in this area, take a cruise also. The lake and the nature view are beautiful. (Photos by me)

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